Metal Clip-In Bioguard Premium B15

Armstrong Bioguard products can be cleaned, disinfected and prevent the build-up of virulent strains of bacteria, moulds and yeasts. Especially suitable for use on plain tiles where the end use requires the highest standards of hygiene, such as in hospitals or food preparation areas. Widely used metal ceiling systems, with panels clipped into Armstrong suspension systems. Featuring a bonded Armstrong B15 acoustical infill for higher sound attenuation performance.

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Metal Clip-In Bioguard Premium B15

Articol # Dimensiuni (mm) Textura Detalii margine Structura (mm) Alpha w Dnfw*
Continut reciclabil (%)
600 x 600 x 0 Extra microperforation Rg 0701 Metal T-Clip F 0.65 40 40%
600 x 600 x 0 Microperforation Rd 1522 Metal T-Clip F 0.60 (H) 41 40%

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